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This site contains issues of the Athletic Training Education Journal prior to January 2013. Find more current issues here.


Enhance health care by advancing athletic training education.


The journal serves as an interface between the theory and practice of athletic training education by providing a forum for scholars, educators, and clinicians to share critical and significant concepts, original research, and innovative ideas.

The journal aims to:

  • Advance the field of athletic training education pertaining to didactic and clinical education, athletic training teaching methodologies, curriculum/program development, and educational assessment.

  • Offer practical information and resources to improve teaching and learning processes for undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education.

  • Facilitate the exchange of information related to program accreditation; educational policy; and faculty, staff, and student educational issues.

  • Protect the integrity of the athletic training education knowledge base by maintaining rigorous peer review and assisting authors in communicating their ideas